Chromi The Chromosome TM

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Link to the GENETIC EDUCATION CENTER created by Ms. Debra Collins, MS, CGC, from the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Chromi is a teaching model used for explaining:

What a chromosome is
Mitosis and Meiosis
Basic genetic concepts

Customer feedback:
"...we recieved the new Chromi.  Very cute!  I like the colors.  This new one doesn't have velcro but we didn't seem to miss it.  We had our first workshop last week with teachers of grades 5-8.  My colleague, who teaches about chromosomes, used Chromi on a number of occasions to demonstrate principles.  Chromi is very useful as a demonstration aid and helped make concepts clearer to the teachers..."  Megan Brown, Ph.D., Washington University

"...I just borrowed Chromi's from a friend to teach a 1st year community college lecture.  I used 2 volunteers from the class as "mother" and "father" to demonstrate dominant & recessive inheritance (with a hair elastic around the one with the mutation) they were a big hit!!!!...One student said that "it was the best lecture they'd had all year, because it was interactive."  Emily Glogowski, MSc, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

"Chromi was once again a big hit as a free give-a-way at our Cancer SIG table during the NSGC annual AEC in Boston!"  Kristen Vogel, MS, CGC & Brittany Thomas, MS, CGC
updated   03/27/2014

Beanie style Happy Chromi is available for $12.00 per set of 4.  Each set includes 2 Pink and 2 Blue Chromis plus a storage bag. 
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Chromi at NSGC AEC 10/2013 Anaheim, California with Keelia Rhoads, PhD, MS, CGC and Sarah Keilman, MS, CGC.
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