Chromi is a teaching model used for explaining:

  • What a chromosome is
  • Mitosis and Meiosis
  • Non-disjunction
  • ​Basic genetic concepts

Beanie Style Happy Chromi is available for $12.00 per set of 4  

Each set includes 2 pink and 2 blue Chromis 

$2.00 shipping charge per set  

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Chromi The Chromosome

Chromi at NSGC 2013 AEC with Keelia Rhoads, PhD, MS, CGC and Sarah Keilman, MS, CGC, Anaheim, CA

"...We had our first workshop last week with teachers of grades 5-8.  My colleague, who teaches about chromosomes, used Chromi on a number of occasions to demonstrate principles.  Chromi is very useful as a demonstration aid and helped make concepts clearer to the teachers."  Megan Brown, Ph.D., Washington University

"...I just borrowed Chromi's from a friend to teach a 1st year community college lecture.  I used two volunteers from the class as "mother" and "father" to demonstrate dominant & recessive inheritance (with a hair elastic around the one with the mutation) they were a big hit!!!!….Once student said that "it was the best lecture they'd had all year, because it was interactive."  Emily Glogowski, MSc, ;Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center